Our private and charter yacht chefs are available worldwide for temporary, seasonal, rotational and permanent positions. We can provide the chef of your choice for sail yachts or motor yachts from 30m to 150m.

Hire the right yacht chef

Having the right chef onboard can be the difference between a happy and unhappy crew and can affect the crew’s morale and the relationship with owners and guests. It is so important to get this balance right. We will listen to your chef request criteria and set out to find the best candidates. We won’t throw a load of CVs at you, hoping one will stick. This is why we carefully select our yacht chefs to suit the role and consider more than just what we read in a chef’s CV. We take the time to speak with the chef and understand what they are looking for and not waste your time presenting candidates that are unsuitable or don’t have the right attitude or qualifications for the position. We generally present 3-5 carefully selected and thoroughly checked chefs for any position.

Why choose ocean earth chefs to hire a yacht chef

With so many years of experience in the yachting industry, ocean earth chefs understands how quickly plans can change with owners and guests. That is why we are always available to meet the demands of captains and crew in this fast-paced industry at short notice. You can always reach us seven days a week. Our experience and knowledge as an international yacht chef agency means that we are equipped to provide you with the best possible service, securing the placement of a checked and qualified chef to meet your requirements in as little time as possible.

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