Are you looking for a chef or home cook for a temporary, seasonal, or permanent position in your home or while on holiday? Our home cooks and chefs are passionate individuals who have spent endless hours in the kitchen perfecting their craft and like to express their talents in the dishes they create. You can have the experience of a home cook, experienced chef, or a Michelin-starred chef come to your home or villa and deliver a sumptuous meal. Do you have a special occasion in mind? Our talented chefs can prepare anything from a casual family meal or BBQ to an 8-course mouth-watering meal in your home. Having your own personal chef to take care of the cooking means that you can leave it in the hands of a creative chef and that no two meals will be the same.

Hire a part-time or full-time villa chef

Employing the services of a part-time or full-time chef will mean you never have to worry about shopping for groceries, managing the pantry, or cooking dishes to meet the family’s or guests’ requests ever again. Having your chef make healthy, nutritious and tasty meals will save you time for other enjoyment, especially if you live a busy professional or social life.

Why choose ocean earth chefs to hire a villa chef

When you choose a chef with us, you can be satisfied that you receive the best hand-picked candidate for the position selected through our international network of industry contacts. All our chef references and backgrounds are checked to give you peace of mind and confidence in your chef choice. We guarantee it.

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