Are you looking for a chef with a specific skill set or who is highly skilled in certain cuisines or styles of cooking? These types of chefs are often challenging to find. Sometimes, chefs can be experts in multiple cuisines that we find unusual, like a chef who is fluent in French and Japanese cuisine. These glode trotting chefs can be available at short notice to travel to the most exotic and unusual destinations to prepare culinary delights anywhere in the world.

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Many of our chefs are specialised and have unique skills and abilities in specific areas of cuisine. They are used to discussing the dietary needs with clients on a one-to-one basis. The client can be someone who likes a particular cooking style or has special dietary or nutritional requirements. These clients can be UHNW individuals, Hollywood stars, celebrities, sportspeople, or simply people who are conscious of the way they are eating and would like to make changes. If you’re looking for a chef specialising in a given area, such as international cuisines, vegan, vegetarian, pastry, sushi, Ayurvedic, or plant-based cooking, contact us to start the process.

Why choose ocean earth chefs to hire a speciality chef

Our specialty chefs are available for short-term, temporary, and long-term contracts. Please leave it to us to find the ideal chef for you, sourced from our constantly updated international network of chefs and selected based on your cuisine preferences.

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